Multiple Website Email Addresses Forwarded to One Inbox

You should have an email address for each website you own. But you only need one inbox. Let us show you how to set that up.

Are you the proud owner of multiple websites? Maybe you have a couple of small marketing websites, sites for different corporations or subsidiaries of your business, sites for different company locations, sites that are just forums and blogs… Having multiple websites can be quite profitable - even on its own - and when you add high-ranking SEO websites for your own business into the mix, the real cash starts rolling in. But in the wise words of The Office’s very own Michael Scott, mo’ money, mo’ problems.

In other words, the more websites you have, the greater the responsibility, and the more work you’ll have to do. The key to managing multiple websites and businesses is optimizing the efficiency of your workflow. One step in the process of optimizing efficiency that there’s no getting around is forwarding all your various email addresses to one inbox.

Why Should You Forward All Emails to One Inbox?

To appear professional to the various client bases frequenting your websites, you’ll need to have custom-tailored email addresses for each domain and business you own. You can’t just use [email protected] for all websites - it’s not very appealing. No, to look professional you’ll need to have a special @domain following the recipient’s name - your own - for each website.

So for instance, if you have one website/business called RedGreen, another one called BlueYellow, you’d have two separate email addresses for each of them, that appear on the appropriate websites, i.e. [email protected] and [email protected], respectively.

Unfortunately, all this adds up to you having to manage a bunch of different inboxes, which is a pain - it’s frustrating, time-consuming, and above all - unnecessary. Accessing different email clients, remembering different usernames and passwords, and so on, is a hassle you really don’t need to deal with. What’s the solution? Using an email forwarding service.

How Can An Email Forwarding Service Help You?

You should have an email address for each website you own. But you only need one inbox. An email forwarding service will forward all the emails that are sent to your various email addresses to one inbox of your own choosing. This can be your personal email’s inbox or your business email’s inbox - all that matters is that it all ends up in one place.

Having all emails forwarded to one inbox allows you to have a clear preview of and efficient access to messages sent to all of your separate websites, businesses, and platforms. It will save you time and effort while keeping everything neat and tidy. Nothing will fall through the cracks, and no forgotten email accounts will result in lost clients.

How to Set Up Email Forwarding

To have all the messages sent to your various email addresses end up in one, single inbox, we recommend that you sign up with our email forwarding service. It’s affordable and quite user-friendly. You can use your ForwardMX account to redirect emails to one inbox for an unlimited number of email addresses.

To set up email forwarding, you can just configure the settings in your ForwardMX account and redirect emails intended for any of your email aliases to an inbox of your choosing. You’ll just need to list all the email aliases ([email protected], [email protected], etc.) and then specify which email address all messages should be forwarded to (ex. [email protected]).

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