About ForwardMX

A simple but powerful email forwarding service helping you to receive all your emails to a central inbox.

Our Mission

Provide fast email forwarding,
and responsive customer service.

We claim to be the cheapest and simplest solution to receive emails on your domains. If you want all your emails redirected to a central inbox (and fast!), then ForwardMX is the optimal solution for you.

About the Company

ForwardMX is owned by
Site Arrow Pte Ltd.

We're a Singapore-based company with a remote team, dedicated to providing specialist web hosting solutions to customers worldwide.

Privacy Focused

We don't read your emails or sell your personal data.

Uncrowded servers

This means we can forward your emails very quickly.

Cheaper than the alternatives

By focusing on one thing, we can deliver great pricing.

Simple Interface and Complete API

We make it easy to manage your email forwarding.

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We handle email forwarding for almost 10,000 domain names. Why not let us handle your email forwarding too?

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