Email Forwarding API

A powerful email forwarding API helping you to deliver email forwarding to your customers without needing to maintain your own infrastructure.

ForwardMX comes with a fully-featured API that allows you to complete all of the actions that you would otherwise need to login to your account to do.

This includes:

  • Add/delete forwarding domains from your account
  • Add/edit catch-all settings for your domains
  • Add/edit/delete email forwarding addresses/aliases

We also have a WordPress plugin and Ruby Gem, as well as an unofficial PHP/Composer library from Eduard Wiesner and an unofficial Clojure library from ianjs.

All of these tools help make it even easier to build exciting features in your application or standalone services on top of ForwardMX.

Enterprise customers also have access to the same WHMCS provisioning module that we use to deliver ForwardMX to our customers, as well as dedicated White Labelled servers, making it a turnkey solution for any web hosting provider who is looking to add reliable email forwarding to their service offering.

If you have any questions about the API, our support team are here to assist.

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