How to Automatically Forward Emails To Multiple People

One important feature you can implement in your emailing system is automatic forwarding to multiple people.

When you’re running a business, you always need to stay on top of things. You don’t want anything slipping through the cracks - no wages unpaid, no emails unanswered, no potential clients lost. Today, any sort of business - be it brick-and-mortar or an online endeavor - is at least partially done over email. Client support, accounting, and communication between departments are only a part of the numerous correspondences that are part of the day-by-day of any company.

Of course, the aim of any business is to optimize efficiency in communication and execution. That’s why when it comes to emailing, there are ways to adjust the way emails are sent and delivered, and to whom, in a way that can help smoothen the workflow.

One important feature you can implement in your emailing system is automatic forwarding to multiple people. Let’s take a look at why you should use email forwarding and how to do it.

When Do You Need to Forward Emails to Multiple People?

There are several scenarios in the workplace that require email forwarding to multiple people. Here’s a quick look:

  1. Multiple people need to know. Oftentimes, messages are intended for multiple recipients. For instance, if you’re talking about billing or wages, you’d need the members of the accounting department and sales department included in an email. In other cases, you may want to send an email to all your employees. Automatically forwarding emails to multiple recipients at once can make sure that the information reaches everyone it’s intended for.
  2. Someone is away. If someone has taken a leave of absence for any reason, you’d still need someone to substitute for them while they’re gone. Automatically forwarding emails intended for that individual to the person(s) replacing them can help make sure that your business doesn’t lag behind.
  3. Prevent important emails from being missed. If you have set up role-based emails for teams within your company (like [email protected], [email protected]), you’ve probably also set up forwarding for messages to those aliases to the persons in each department. So for instance, if a client tries to reach customer support, the email that they send to [email protected] should get forwarded to all the members of the support team. Forwarding the email to multiple people will ensure that a customer’s query isn’t left unanswered. This is just an example of how email forwarding to multiple recipients can make sure that an important email doesn’t get lost or accidentally ignored.
  4. Reach a person through alias email addresses or discontinued addresses. Automatic email forwarding can also be helpful in making sure that you reach an intended individual, especially if they have multiple email addresses and you’re not completely certain which one they’re using.
  5. Make sure all emails reach you. If you have several email addresses, it really helps to forward all of them to a single mailbox, so that nothing gets past you. This is especially important if you have separate email addresses for multiple domains or businesses, as well as a personal email address. It can be a hassle to go through all those inboxes in one day - email forwarding makes sure you won’t have to.

How to Set Up Automatic Email Forwarding to Multiple People

The best way to automatically forward emails to multiple people depends on how your email for your business is set up. If you're using an email hosting service, then you should be able to configure aliases that forward to multiple people in there.

If you don't have a business email service, you can use the email forwarding service here at ForwardMX. When you sign up with ForwardMX, you have the opportunity to forward emails to an unlimited number of addresses. This will allow you to set up automated email forwarding for as many people as you need.

With ForwardMX, you can specify and add as many email addresses as you wish to include in the automated forwarding. You can also choose to only forward certain emails by creating filters based on keywords and phrases, particular subject lines, or from specific senders.

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