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As part of our offering we now also provide a simple but effective white label solution for ForwardMX.

This allows you to use your own domain for the MX servers instead of using mx1.forwardmx.net and mx2.forwardmx.net and helps to strengthen your brand while you will be able to offer ForwardMX as part of your service.

This should be interesting for hosting providers who want to provide Email Forwarding without hosting own infrastructure or provide better email forwarding than the solutions that often come hosting control panels, but it can also be for use for many other types of services, including social networks.

We have a plugin for WHMCS which is available for Enterprise customers, and is the exact same code that we use to offer ForwardMX to you.

Currently we only provide Whitelabel options for our Enterprise packages. Contact our support to customise a quote for our Enterprise offering.

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